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Building a Culture of Growth: Growth in Students

Which structures and practices should I adopt?

"I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more." —Anonymous

This collection illustrates practices and ideas to implement that foster a growth mindset in students. Though these practices and ideas can be implemented by individual teachers, there is power in consistency across a school community. You are encouraged to connect with your colleagues and leadership teams about your reflections and ideas about next steps for your schools. 

Please review the videos or readings, and use the questions below to either reflect upon independently or discuss the implications with colleagues. 

Learning Targets

I can explain structures and practices that promote a growth mindset in students.

Watch: Improving and Progressing Your Work

  1. How does your school currently support students with using data?

  2. How would you like your school to use data with students?

  3. How does this practice promote a growth mindset for students?


Other Topics in This Pack

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Watch: Academic Courage

  1. How did Marlina's teachers promote a growth mindset for her?

  2. How did Marlina's teacher model a growth mindset?

  3. Which students of yours come to mind? Why?

  4. How can you help those students develop academic courage by promoting their growth mindsets?

Watch: Descriptive Feedback

  1. How does asking students to draft and revise their work multiple times promote a growth mindset?

  2. How does providing descriptive feedback promote a growth mindset?

  3. What structures are used to promote a culture of growth in this classroom? 

  4. How does standards-based grading promote a growth mindset?

Watch: The Role of Struggle in the Classroom

  1. How can a growth mindset be taught?

  2. How does embracing struggle fit with a growth mindset?

  3. How can a growth mindset build confidence?

  4. What does struggle look like in your classroom?

  5. How do you support students through productive struggle or grappling with complex work?

Dig Deeper

Even Geniuses Work Hard*: An article in Educational Leadership by Carol Dweck that discusses a culture of risk taking, emphasizing challenge over success and long-term success.

How Mindset Affects SuccessWritten for parents, teachers, and coaches. Discusses how messages about success and failure affect students. 

Mindset WorksA collection of several strategies that teachers can use to foster a growth mindset in their students. 

*Educational Leadership® (a/k/a EL®) is a publication of ASCD and in no way affiliated with EL Education.

Discuss or Reflect

  1. Which of the practices or ideas shared most resonated with you and why?
  2. Which are realistic for you to implement, and which one(s) will you commit to?
  3. What supports do you need to implement, and how will you locate those?