EL Education.

Professional Learning Packs are learning tools designed to complement EL workshops and institutes. Professional Learning Packs can be used in large or small group settings, or by individuals looking to deepen their practice.


Designed by teachers for teachers, each Professional Learning Pack is dedicated to a theme and includes topic pages with text and/or video, as well as questions for small group discussion or to push an individual's thinking. This resource is meant to provide flexibility and does not need to be followed in an exact sequence. Additional resources and relevant external links also are provided to support exploration and deepen your learning about a topic. 

For example:

  • A group of teachers review the "Think" questions before viewing a video. 
  • They watch the video and jot notes in response to the "Think" questions. 
  • This group has only a brief time together, so they choose to discuss their responses to the "Think" questions with one another.
  • They agree to "Dig Deeper" and read the additional resources on their own time.
  • Then they meet face-to-face to discuss the "Discuss" questions at the bottom of the page.


  • A school coach asks staff members to independently work through the various activities on one page of the Building a Culture of Growth Professional Learning Pack titled "Growth in Students," during the first half of a professional development day when teachers have several hours on their own.  
  • When teachers meet face-to-face for the second half of the day, they use the "Discuss" questions to share their thinking in small groups, then use a protocol chosen by the school coach (not provided by EL) to come to consensus about which strategies they will implement school wide in order to promote a growth mindset in their students. 

The point is...

  • Make the resource work for you, your time, and your needs.
  • Do not get hung up on language "think," "discuss," "reflect." Use the questions in ways that make the most sense for yourself and your colleagues.

Learning Targets

EL Education schools use learning targets, which are student- friendly objectives, to make the desired outcomes clear to everyone: teachers, students, parents, and visitors. Within this resource, learning targets are used to help guide your learning, clarify your purpose for exploring, and reflect on your progress.

We value your opinion 

Please use the feedback button to let us know about any problems you find with the materials. This is the fastest way to let us know so we may fix the issue. We also would appreciate feedback regarding any new resources related to the content that you would like us to consider including in this collection.

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