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Coaching for Change: Peer Coaching

Guiding question for page here? (make it compelling!)

quotation to set tone of page (In quotes, italics, with em dash, no extra return before author)

Introductory paragraph - 6-8 lines of text. Keep it informal, not too academic. Pull on the heart strings and get them hooked!

Learning Target(s)




HOOK goes here. A cartoon, video, or image - this is not necessarily content that moves directly towards the learning target. The goal here is to keep learners engaged! - We want them to want to scroll down for more info. See Using Data PLP pages for examples. 


Other Topics in This Pack

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Watch: Title of Video or other resource (this is heading 2 font)

Learning Target: (this is heading 3)

  • The actual learning target text should be in (normal font bulleted)

Sections titled: Watch, Read, Review, Try It, etc. They should be followed by a colon and then a descriptor title. Questions related to a “watch” video or “read” prompt appear before the video/text, are numbered using the number formatting and have an extra return in between them. (this is normal font)

Try It!

Learning Target:

This section is where we ask people to apply their learning - it may come before or after Dig Deeper. For instance, if the Dig Deeper section contains an article that learners must read to do the Try It activity, Dig Deeper comes before Try It! If the Dig Deeper section contains resources that are like "tools"- student progress trackers, action planning templates, etc...and if those aren't necessary to complete activity - Dig Deeper comes after. 

Dig Deeper

Learning Target:

This section should include few very high-quality resources! Less is more. If they don't align with page learning target/targets - they are a no go. 

Title of Article/Document Hyperlink Followed by Colon in Italics Bolded: Followed by a brief description that gives an overview of what the resource includes. Just enough info to peak someone's interest. State the author or organization it comes from in the description. (only 1 or 2 resources here - max - and they have to be really really great, not just okay.)

Synthesize & Take Action

For Teachers...

  1. How...? 

For School Leaders...

  1. What...? 

This section should push critical thinking and help learners tie all content together. Questions should directly align to learning targets. It should also prompt folks to commit to next steps given their own context. We differentiate by role here as much as possible  - as well as within the activities of the page.