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Building a Culture of Growth: Trust and Change

What is the relationship between trust and change?

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." —John Maxwell, author

You have already explored the importance of relational trust in a school community. (If not, please review the content on relational trust included in this professional learning pack.) Now it is time to examine the role that trust plays when school communities are faced with a great deal of change. If, as Maxwell says, "change is inevitable" but "growth is optional," then what role does trust play in supporting the change process and promoting growth in individuals?

Learning Target

I can explain the role that trust plays in leading change and promoting growth.

Watch: Marzano Research Laboratory

Remember: A leader is defined by behavior, not by position. 

  1. Of all of the changes occurring in your school, which ones do you consider to be first-order change? Which do you consider to be second-order change? Use this document for support: Two Types of Change. 
  2. What are you doing as a leader to support teachers through the change process?
  3. What are you doing as a leader that may not be supporting teachers through the change process?
  4. How are the behaviors that you identified helping to build relational trust in your school?
  5. How are these behaviors promoting growth in teachers?

Other Topics in This Pack

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Marzano Research. (2009, November 24). Dr. Marzano on 2nd Order Change. Retrieved October 14, 2015, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv7crrER_S4

Think: Case Study Analysis

Please read the case studies (linked below) with the following questions in mind. If possible, discuss your responses to the questions with colleagues. These questions are prompts for a brainstorm session; none of these questions has a single correct answer. 

Creekside Case Study #1

Riverbend Case Study #2

  1. What are the cultural and curriculum implementation issues that need attention at this school?
  2. What is the role that trust is playing at this school, and how do you know?
  3. How would you build a more positive, change-focused culture at this school?